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Planet Ashland Oregon
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June 2008
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We are growing all the time!
PlanetAshland.net is thrilled to let you know that since going online, the site has had over 2250 unique visitors. Every day we are getting submissions for classes, events and activities. We've gotten a lot of submissions for activities for children and teens and have created a Kids' Stuff Section.

Seriously, We Have No Hidden Agenda
Hard to believe? I know. It's hard to trust peoples' intentions these days. Everyone is out for themselves or out to make a buck. I guess, in a way, we are out for ourselves because we want to keep the community in which we live vibrant and strong.

I visited Santa Fe, NM in 2004 and came upon the most amazing renovated house, artful and funky, decorated with brilliant colors and mosaic It was appropriately named The Oasis and There were little lofts where we climbed up and sat, cozy on pillows, drinking tea. We met great people, listened to live music, and fell in love with the place. I couldn't wait to return to Santa Fe. Two years later, I finally made it back only to find that the Oasis had closed its doors forever. It saddened me greatly that this wonderful place could not sustain itself. I doubt there will ever be any place like it again. It's hearing about art and music programs being obliterated from the schools. It's seeing the Blue Dragon Bookstore empty on Main Street and going to a pub with a very small audience, applauding some very talented musicians. It is incidences like these that inspired me to create this site. No, I have no hidden agenda. No business to plug, no political or religious agenda, no organizational affiliation or conspiracy theory. Only a genuine desire to see our community thrive, flourish and to remain a haven for art, music, independence, and culture. Hard to believe? Maybe. But it's the truth. We're Curious Little Imps
We're curious about what's happening in Ashland and the surrounding areas. We want to know about events, activities, classes, fund-raisers, and every little message your dear hearts wish to convey. If you have to get a message out, let us know and we'll communicate on PlanetAshland.net. Our FOCUS is to make it easy for you to find out what's going on and to give everyone a voice. That's why we want you to SPREAD THE WORD. Tell bands, musicians, businesses, artists that you saw them on PlanetAshland.net. That's all we ask in return. Then the curiosity continues, more folks find us, use the site, and your messages, gigs, events get noticed. It's quite the symbiotic thing we have going on here. I've even made it easier by providing a voice mail number: 541-201-8585 to leave a message.

"The Unpretentious Guide for the Practical Visitor"
Some of you may have seen the visitors' guide we've printed up. We subtitled it "Good Stuff without the Fluff"
Although PlanetAshland is geared more toward local folks, we are not in denial about the financial impact that the tourism industry has on Ashland. There are plenty of colorful glossy guides that charge big money to local businesses that want to cater to the Shakespeare goers. Selfishly, we at PlanetAshland.net have placed plugs for businesses that we can personally vouch for, love and frequent ourselves. Some of you have been kind enough to pass out our guides. If you'd like to be involved, please let me know.
We Feature Local Artists and Musicians
We have been featuring local artists and musicians on the site since we went online. Every few weeks (or when the mood strikes me) we profile a new local musician/band and a new media artist. I have been trying to profile people when there is a significant event going on. Currently, we are featuring the Americana quintet, One Horse Shy
We are happy to feature them not only because they are a talented band, but because they have recently released a CD. If you are a band or musician or know of a band or musician who would like to be featured, please contact me at mail@planetashland.net. If you'd like to take a look at who we've featured, we have them online at : http://planetashland.net/musician/past.html

We are Honored to Host Our Newest Media Artist: sculptress, painter, musician Pegi Smith.

Attention Artists: PlanetAshland is seeking someone to create a logo for the site. Something fun and colorful.
We need a unique logo that stands out and highlights a local artistic talent. We can't pay you up front, but hopefully, in time, we would be able to give you royalties from sales on items on which the logo appears. Or if you just want to do something really really nice for us, we'd love you forever and tell everyone what a rockstar you are.
If you're interested, let me know.

Coming Very Soon! Spotlight on YOU!
So you're not an artist or a musician or a drummer. (I think that's a joke) Soon we'll be featuring "regular folks" too, 'cause that's what most of us are!
I meet intriguing people all the time. Most people have something interesting to say or are quietly helping the community in big ways. If you or someone you know would be interested in being spotlighted on PlanetAshland, please let me know. Don't be shy.

Midsummer Dream Festival is next weekend
Call in sick. Skip the father's day picnic. Be a nice kid and bring dad to this event. Art, music, big huge puppets, food, hopefully sunshine, and much more at the Briscoe School.
I've postponed my summer trip to stay in town for this.

About the ads on PlanetAshland
Please note the few changes:
We've had quite a few submissions for ads on the site. We continue to give FREE ads to local and small businesses. If you'd like an ad placed on the site, we can use your own logo or we can design a block ad to display. Here are a couple examples of block ads I've created: Example 1
Example 2

The purpose of the ads on PlanetAshland is to encourage locals to patronize small, local businesses and to draw attention to the variety and resources available in our community. We are not an ad agency. We believe in strengthening independent business owners, especially during this time of corporate rampage. We are not trying to get businesses to compete. We simply want to provide opportunity and choices. You won't find us wandering around Walmart.
All ads appear and remain on our business section 6 months, after which time, I will notify you as to whether you would like to keep your ad on PlanetAshland. I've decided to rotate ads to the front page so that everyone gets exposure. There is no cost to you to advertise. If you would like your ad removed, please let me know. Some businesses have made greatly appreciated donations to PlanetAshland.net to keep the site running and to help cover the cost of promoting our own site, web hosting, and internet access. We make no profit from the website. These businesses are labeled with a Gold Star which keeps their ad on the front page of the site for alloted time. Each $25 donation keeps the ad on for 3 months after which it will be placed on the business section.

Please, please, please pass the word on about the site. We exist to help you. Send us your events, fundraisers, activities, classes, groups, meetings, whatever! We are a collage of your input. Help us make it beautiful. Visit often because the site changes about every hour, it seems some days.

If you'd like to be removed from this email list, no questions asked, just go to our email signup and you'll never hear from us again. (unless you change your mind)

We are not affiliated with any particular group, business, ideology, or political agency. We feel that all people should have a forum and space. We are dedicated to free expression of and access to ideas. We want to provide space for all lawful activities and events for all groups and persons regardless of their beliefs or affiliations. PlanetAshland.net takes no responsibility for events, businesses, or groups that appear on the site. We simply provide platform for them. We do not necessarily align ourselves with the beliefs and views expressed by groups or persons utilizing PlanetAshland.net. We will, however, deny the platform to individuals or groups we feel promote violence/hatred/discrimination toward other groups or to those we beleive are involved with illegal activities.

We have a "live and let live" philosophy. We don't like a lot of rules.

Check out these events coming up this week:

Thursday, June 12

Join us Thursday June 12th at the Jackson Wells Springs for an
evening of high energy live music and dancing to benefit the Ashland
Emergency Food Bank. For the love of the Ashland community and the
cause, dance hall reggae singer from Eugene, Serious De Witness, will
host as MC for the show. The amazing lineup includes the legendary Army
from St. Croix.

Friday, June 13

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to benefit Rowan Academy -
Preschool and kindergarten. We will be serving spaghetti, bread, salad and beverage in the Underground Marketplace at 6:13 pm - please come and share our dream.

Feast of Will:
Friday, June 13, 6:00 pm, Lithia Park

Celebrate with a festive dinner and lively entertainment in Lithia Park
at 6 pm on Friday, June 13. Delicious barbecued chicken and vegetarian lasagna are on the menu, with entertainment from bagpipers and the Siskiyou Singers. Sponsored by the Ashland Lions, who donate the profits to projects benefiting Lithia Park. Tickets are only $14! Call the Box Office at (541) 482-4331.

Saturday, June 14

DRUMfire, a live
music, dance and multimedia event to benefit Boys to Men, The Rose
Circle and Challenge Day. Entertainment includes professional drummers,
Keyboards and didgeridoo and Local Youth Dance & Music Performances By
Luis Rodriquez' Hip Hop & Break Dance group "3rd Element", So. Medford
High's Hip Hop dancers with "D' Vers", dancers from the Oregon
Conservatory for the Performing Arts, a Rap set by "One Movement",
vocalist by Luci Be with Joel Henigson and a jazz dance piece by Grant
Williams as well as a montage of very cool videos, slide shows, poetry
and story telling on two 30 foot screens. Tickets are $20 (12 and under
free) avail. now at Paddington Station and at the door day of show.
DrumFire will be an evening filled with Inspiration, Vision and Vital
Community Building. We hope you and your family can join us for what
will be a powerful and memorable journey into the heart of our
community. Today, more than ever, it truly takes a village to raise a

Welcome to the newly formed LJ site for PlanetAshland.net. We are hoping to meet some folks who live in and love Ashland, Oregon.
Please visit our website at PlanetAshland.net

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